Our Mission

Constantly Moving Forward

At Vulpes, we provide worldwide solutions and expertise regarding consultancy services in the Sports Industry. We are based in Brussels and with the globalization and the internationalization of sports and the football market, we have developed solid and strong collaborations worldwide that help us to sort out the best for our clients.

We are inspired by sport and we constantly try to think creatively with our clients in order to offer tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to transform any strategic issue that our clients may have, into clear and straightforward answers.

What we can offer

Legal Advice

Contract Negotiation

Sponsorship Sourcing

Image rights & Sponsoring

Dispute Resolution and mediation

Youth Development and Academy development

Investment consulting

Real estate investing

At Vulpes, we are part of the next generation of sports and football advisors because we develop strong relations and connections with our clients which make them all unique and special. We provide them with a careful and reasonable career plan where the familial aspects are fully integrated and respected. This positive working environment is made possible by the way that Vulpes is set up, through close relations with professionals and clubs in Europe and around the World.

Being the best means constantly moving forward and developing all possibilities.

This is accomplished by providing a high level of personal services combined with solid advice in a manner that is tailored to each client.